Problem Statement:

When running a query with a prompt variable and after typing in a numeric value for the Prompt, receives error:
Error: 'Comparison operator = operands not compatible'

When 'ENTER" is pressed for the Prompt, then the query returns data.


When no value is enter for the prompt variable and presses "Enter", the query interprets this as the query not needing the condition. If there's no value entered, there's nothing to condition. Therefore, Query, in essence, "removes" the condition from the query, and returns all values.

  1. Ensure that the value being entered is the same data type as the prompt variable.
  • For instance, if the variable is set to condition against a character data field, then the value entered must be character.
  1. If the data types do not match, change the variable to condition against the appropriate data type.
  2. If the prompt is being used within another function such as the CASE function, the prompt should NOT be null capable.

For more information about prompts or variables, refer to ShowCase online help (search words: PROMPT or VARIABLE


Ref#: 1475690





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