Customer has just installed the Web Report Server on a new PC running Windows XP with NTFS. They were getting a "User xxx not logged in" error after logging into the WinSpool Web Report Server. The "not logged in" error actually happened when a report link was clicked, even though the user was already logged in to the Web Report Server.


1.) In the Internet Information Server Manager, we created a virtual directory named CGI-BIN that pointed to the Web Report Server EXE. The web report server EXE always needs a virtual path of: http://hostname/cgi-bin/wspisrv2.exe
2.) Also changed the anonymous user ID for the CGI-BIN directory to match the Windows XP user for the PC. Since the user is running the NTFS file system, the files on the PC are secured. Once setting an authorized anonymous user for the PC that has access to the report directories, everything is working fine. They will eventually create a specific anonymous user ID for the Web Report Server that has access to the report file directory.
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