If you need more information about a job you've submitted, you can run a trace on that job.

Follow these steps to run a job trace.

  1. Submit the job.

  2. Enter the command WRKACTJOB.

    1. On the Work with Active Jobs panel, enter a 3 next to the job to place it on hold.

    2. Then, enter option 5, Work With, next to the job.

    3. On the Work With Job panel, make a note of the job name, user name, and job number. Then, press function key F3 to return to the Work with Active Jobs panel.

  3. From a command line, enter the command STRSRVJOB and press function key F4. On the Start Service Job prompt panel, enter the job name, user, and number you noted in step 2. Press Enter to start the service job.

  4. From a command line, enter the command TRCJOB and press function key F4. When the Trace Job panel displays, make sure that the Trace option setting is *ON. Press Enter to start the trace job process and create a printout.

  5. Enter the command WRKACTJOB. Enter a 6 to release the job you had placed on hold.

  6. When the job completes, enter the TRCJOB command and set the Trace option setting to *OFF.

  7. Enter the WRKSPLF command. On the Work with All Spooled Files panel, locate the file named QPSRVTRC. This is the trace job report produced by the TRCJOB command. Use this report to find the information about the job.

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