When you try to access certain documents in WebDocs that are stored on a NFS server on an iSeries, you get an error trying to find the document and, when you MOUNT the NFS drive, you get the error:
Not authorized to object.  Object is *N.
When you prompt the message, you get:
Message ID: CPFA09C
Message: Not authorized to object.  Object is *N
Cause: You do not have the correct authority for object *N or for one of the directories in the object path.
Recovery.  Contact your security officer, the object owner, or other authorized person to obtain teh correct authority to use object *N or the directories in the object path, and try your request again.  If the object name is *N, it could not be determined which of the objects authority was not sufficient.  the iSeries Security Reference, SC41-5302, contains authority information for the operation.


This error typically means one of two things:
  1. There is an issue with the path in the MOUNT or DOCMOUNT command.


  2. The shared folder set-up on the NFS server is exporting the directory incorrectly.
To resolve this issue:
  1. On the NFS server (whether another iSeries, Windows machine, Linux, or other), verify that the Export Path that was created for that share.
  2. Record the entire path, go back the iSeries, and use the exact path (case sensitive) in the DOCMOUNT command.

    Note: In some Linux OS versions, the share path that the NFS server exports will be the entire path to that directory, while in Windows NFS and iSeries NFS, the shares are often referenced as /sharename.

  3. If you are using another iSeries as the NFS server, run the following commands on the iSeries that hosts the NFS share (not where DOCMOUNT is being called):
    1. Stop the NFS server:


    2. Export the IFS directory as an NFS share:


    3. Start the NFS server on the iSeries where documents will be stored:


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