Problem Statement:

QSQSRVR jobs that have ended has a status of: 'JOBLOG PENDING'.


  • Using command: WRKJOB QSQSRVR, the number of QSQSRVR jobs seems to multiply over time with a status of 'JOBLOG PENDING'.
  • Issue started happening after upgrading to V5R4.
  • Many of the QSQSRVR jobs are created by ShowCase users or QUSER.
  • An IPL seems to temporarily clear some or all of the QSQSRVR jobs.


Modify the Job Description to generate job logs when the jobs end. This works for any job with status 'JOBLOG PENDING'.
For QSQSRVR jobs: The Job Description is QDFTSVR, and can be changed using command:



  • It's possible that the default setting for the LOGOUTPUT parameter is *PND, which is what causes this situation.
  • The change will apply only to new jobs started - existing active jobs and those already in JOBLOG PENDING state will not be affected.
  • Either manually remove these or IPL to clear them. 


For more detailed information, refer to IBM documentation on Work Management or Contact IBM Support.


Ref#: 1476411





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