The Hibernate/Suspend action does not perform as expected on some machines. The task may stop with error "System does not support hibernating", or the system may hibernate or suspend but not wake up at the specified time.


Automate 6's suspend and hibernate capability are dependent on the capabilities of the operating system and the system hardware. Typically, the interaction between the system's mainboard and install operating system dictate whether hibernate and/or suspend are available.

Likewise, not all systems support dynamic "wake up" or power on. Notebooks typically offer this support, while desktop machines and servers do not. Complicating matters is the requirement of all software and hardware on the system to interact together to allow the system to enter a hibernation or sleep state. Older software and drivers may cause a request to hibernate or suspend to fail.

Automate will attempt to warn the user while building a task that the machine does or does not support hibernate or suspend. It will not, however, prevent the user from building the task, since the task may run on a different Automate machine.

One way to test the capabilities of the target machine is to click Start->Shut down (or Start->Log Off) and note the options available in the drop down that appears. If available actions include Hibernate and/or Suspend, then Automate should be able to perform these actions during an automated session. If not, Automate will most likely not be able to complete the step successfully, as the operating system does not provide the service to Automate.

Applies To: Automate 5, Automate 6

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