To download a spool file from the DOS FTP command prompt using the iSeries CPYSPLF command:
  1. Manually log into the iSeries FTP server. 
  2. Gather the spool file name, job name, job number, user ID, and spool number.
  3. To log in to the FTP server and get to the FTP command prompt, use the following command, where is the server IP address:


  4. Run the following commands, using the spool-file information you gathered in step 2:

    quote rcmd crtpf file(qtemp/spoolfile) rcdlen(1000) size(*nomax)

    quote rcmd cpysplf file(qpjoblog) tofile(qtemp/spoolfile) job(098330/brad/qpadev0008) splnbr(1) ctlchar(*fcfc)

    recv qtemp/spoolfile   c:\spool.txt


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