The WebDocs iSeries Edition has 2 main tables that control user security and acess to info: DOCUSR00 and DOCSEC00.
DOCUSR00 - is the user ID table. 
DOCSEC00 - is the user folder security access table.
If users want to programatically create new user entries on the iSeries for a users access to WebDocs, they need to do the following:

  1. Insert a user ID record in DOCUSR00 (The fields listed below are the bare minimum required fields).
    USERNAM - User ID (case sensitive)
    USERPW - Password ID (case sensitive Set to *AS400 to use iseries user ID authentication. Must be ROT13 encoded)
    USEREN - Enabled Y/N
    USEMAIL - email address
    USERADMIN - User is admin Y/N
    USERUPLOAD - User can upload
    USERFILTER - SQL WHERE criteria for specific user filtering (Not Required)
  2. Insert a user folder access record in DOCSEC00
    DUSER - User ID (case sensitive)
    DFOLDER1 - DFOLDER3 - Folder name combinations
    DACTIV - Security entry Enabled Y/N
    DACHECKOUT - User can checkout/change doc info Y/N
    DAINSERT - User can add new docs Y/N
    DADELETE - User can add new docs Y/N
    DANOTES - User can create doc notes Y/N
    DAMOVE - User can move docs Y/N
    DAEMAIL - User can email docs Y/N


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