When you work with documents in the iSeries Report Manager template, you want to automatically open an attachment without having to view the Work with Report Document screen in order to minimize the required mouse clicks. 


To open an attachment automatically when you double-click an entry in the report list, set the following auto launch properties:
Note: These settings work both with Lotus Notes 4.6 and Lotus Notes 5.0 and above. 
  1. In Lotus Notes Designer, open the AS400RPT.NSF database. 
  2. In Lotus Notes Designer, open the Archived Document form. 
  3. Right-click the form and choose Form Properties.
  4. Find the tab with the Auto Launch setting. 
  5. Change Auto Launch from -None- to -First Attachment-.
  6. Close the Designer and save your changes. 
Now when you double-click a report in the report list, the report attachment opens automatically in its default application.
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