Before You Begin

You can manually enable 1-second data collection in Vityl Capacity Management.


To enable 1-second data collection:

  1. In the configuration.json file in the /opt/vityl/console-ui/client/assets directory, change the intervals > extended setting to true using the following command:

"intervals": {

  "extended": true


  1. Stop and start Vityl Capacity Management using the following commands:

/opt/vityl/util/ stop
/opt/vityl/util/ start

  1. From the Collectors > Configurations page in Vityl Capacity Management, select the configuration that you want to enable 1-second data for and click Edit.
  1. Specify and enable the Hi-Res Collection Interval for the metrics you want to collect 1-second data for.
  1. Click Save.

1-second data is only available in Performance Monitor Details for systems and metrics that use the 1-second interval configuration. The 1-Second option is available in the bottom right side of the Details page when you select a point on the chart. When you select the 1-Second option, only the 1-Second chart is available if the selected data point in the original chart was available when the 1-second data was collected.

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