DataImport Mask locks up when trying to open.


Common problems with their solutions are:

1. A bug in a video driver. This is the single most common problem in Windows.  Experts estimate that video drivers may account for 90% of all problems. Why?  Each video adapter manufacturer must write a set of video drivers for each new video card that they develop. This set of video drivers consists of a separate video driver for each combination of resolution and color mode that the adapter supports (ie 800x600, 256 colors).  If an adapter supports 6 resolutions and 4 color modes the manufacturer must write 24 video drivers.  With the number of new adapters being released each year, it's easy to see why they are so likely to have a problem.  Our experience shows that laptop computers are more prone to this problem than desktop computers.

There are couple of things that can be done. Try changing the resolution and/or color mode to a few different ones.  Usually selecting fewer colors and lower resolution works best. If this fixes the problem, then it is a bad video driver.  If the problem is not solved it still could be a video driver problem.  Next, download the most recent version from the manufacturers web site and install it.
2. Multiple copies of .VBX and .DLL files.  Run Find by right clicking on the Start button and check the system for.VBX files that are not in the Windows/System directory.  Then rename them to .VBO.  Also, look in the INSTALL.LOG in the DataImport program folder for the list of .DLLs that we install and use Find to make sure there are no duplicates .DLLs on their system.  If there are, rename them to .DLO.  Then shut down all other programs and reinstall DataImport. 
3. In rare cases, the DataImport INI file may be corrupted. Delete the DIW.INI file in the Windows directory.  It will be re-created with the factory default settings the next time DataImport is run.
One or all of these things fix 99% of all problems.
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