When you use Domino Report Server/400 to add a document to the iSeries Report Manager Database, you get the error:
NTSERR: Error opening database AS400RPT.NSF


After you added a Domino server, you did not create the corresponding iSeries table entry.
To create a host table entry for your Domino server IP address:
  1. On a command line, type:


  2. Choose option 10.
  3. Create the host table entry for the Domino server IP address.
  4. Use the PING command to test the host entry. Once you can ping the Domino server, Domino Report Server/400 will work.
For example: If you created a Domino server named DOMSVR1 but did not create a host entry, when you try to ping this server, you will receive the following error:
No response from host within 1 seconds for connection verification 1.
After you add the host table entry, when you ping this server, it succeeds:
PING reply 1 from DOMSVR1 took 62 ms. 256 bytes. TTL 128.
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