Problem Statement:

Trying to schedule a query daily for a specific time and receives error:

'invalid date or time format'


You have to enter the date / time according to the format set in the regional setting of your PC.

Use either of the two options to schedule a query:

OPTION 1 - Schedule Query:

  1. Within ShowCase Query, from the menu bar select RUN | TIMER SETUP.
  2. Enter the appropriate settings for Interval Type, and  Interval.
  3. Select 'Add', which will add the scheduled time under 'Defined timers' and then select 'OK'.
    Note: QUERY must be active (opened) on the PC at the moment of execution of the scheduled query.

OPTION 2 - Schedule query as a Batch Query:

  1. Within ShowCase Query, from the menu bar select Run | Enable Batch Processing.
  2. From the Menu bar select Run | Batch Options
  3. The batch options dialogue box appears, select the 'Schedule' Tab.
  4. Select the appropriate Start Date and Start Time, then select 'OK'
    Note: You cannot specify to have the job executed on a daily basis. You have to modify the scheduling of the job named 'BATCHQUERY' manually on the iSeries via the command WRKJOBSCDE. Once the batch job has ran successfully, you still have to retrieve the batch result (via the Menu bar option RUN | Retrieve Batch Result ) if you want to see the result of the query. You can also create an excel document having the scheduled batch query added via the ShowCase Query Excel Add-in's. This will retrieve the results automatically every time you open the excel document


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