An error occurs: "Error connecting to server '172.nn.n.nn:ppppp' : Connection refused to host: 192.NNN.NN.NN; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect." where and environment has separate internal and external networks that come into different IP addresses on the iSeries. 
There is no cross over between the NNN and nnn series IP addresses.

ShowCase 8.00.340 and later support setting an RMI host name. The property to use is showcasecorp.rmi.server.hostname, which must be set in ShowCase.cfg to a value that is common for all interfaces being used. Normally the entry will have to be added to the ShowCase.CFG file below the Debug=0 line but above the [ControlTables] stanza. Insert a blank line before and after the entry.

Users that come in from the set of addresses must have the RMI name set to the same name as the users. Both sets of users need to resolve the RMI name to the appropriate sub-net address, and all users must use the RMI name in their data source; they cannot use the  IP address. Further, the RMI name used in the data source must resolve to the IP address, either by DNS or by a PC HOSTS file entry. Also see resolution 67430 for details of setting a ShowCase firewall port.

Example of the Showcase.cfg:


  • The ShowCase server name for the example below is DEP80C and the RMI name chosen was DEPSCOOBY1.
  • You can NOT have spaces in the showcasecorp.rmi.server.hostname entry or it will not work properly

 ************Beginning of data**************
// ShowCase Server Properties //

// Set up RMI name showcasecorp.rmi.server.hostname=DEPSCOOBY1

// Showcase Debugging Information //

DEBUG=1 showcasecorp.traceService=ALL

// Properties must be added before the below stanza
[ControlTables] hsql.cached.table=false

************End of Data********************

IBM Ref#: 1479810

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