Online Monitor

The following example shows a summary group on the left, created to monitor the number of spool files on specific queues, highlighting a threshold exception.



Group Definition

This is achieved by creating a summary group first. Select Bar Group, then provide a Description and a Short Description:

On the next screen change Value Calculation to Sum.

You have now created the top level group and need to populate it with the required elements. Right-click in the newly created group and select the Properties for “.

On the next screen, select the Data Selection for All Systems option...

…to add entries from the Available Items list, or click the Add button to create some.

If monitors do not exist, create one for each library containing Output Queues that the customer wants to monitor.

The following is an individual queue per library monitor…

…or use the multiple element selection to select all queues per library at once.

The newly populated group now contains the detail elements and the summary group contains the total number of spool files (OtqRel column)…

…so that the detail group can be closed, leaving just the total displayed and the exception still highlighted.


History Summary

The History Summary can then be used to graphically show the number of spool files in detail or in summary.


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