In Robot Monitor, the fastest growing objects and libraries can be shown very easily on the Disk Summary automated report or via the real-time Disk Summary view. The report and view can be edited to show usage by year, month, and day.

To open the Disk Summary view:

  1. Select a system from the Views panel on the left part of the main Robot Monitor screen.
  2. Select Disk Summary from the views dropdown. Data is downloaded and the default Disk Summary view is displayed.

  3. Select Options on the top left part of the main Robot Monitor screen. Use the Options menu to update the time span of the view or the types of objects displayed.


To run and view the Disk Summary automated report: 

  1. Select File on the top left part of the main Robot Monitor screen.
  2. Click Automated Reports on the left menu.
  3. Click the Add button on the Automated Reports screen.

  4. Select Disk Summary Graph from the resulting dropdown. The data will be downloaded and you will be presented with the Disk Summary Graph poperties pop-up.
  5. Change the properties and print options of the Disk Summary report as desired. Click OK when finished.
  6. If you want the report emailed, enter Email Recipient(s) and an Email Subject.
  7. Select the report name and click the Run or Run and Email icon under the Run Reports section of the screen. The report will run and be printed and emailed as desired.
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