Problem Statement:

Configure MIMIX (or similar software) to mirror the Showcase library between two iSeries systems.


Fortra does not test MIMIX (or similar software) ability to mirror the Showcase product from one iSeries to another. However, we are aware of other customers who have successfully implemented MIMIX (or similar software) between two iSeries.

Prior to mirroring Showcase, you MUST install a new Showcase server on the target system that matches the Showcase server installed on the source system by version and patch level. We recommend running the Showcase SAVSRVRINF and RSTSRVRINF commands so that the two Showcase servers match completely, and then replicate changed objects.

Note: This will also require having a valid ShowCase licenses on both systems.


  1. That only logical and physical files within the ShowCase library need to be mirrored.
    • Your ShowCase Warehouse Manager Security will be replicated.
  2. User spaces should generally be avoided.  These following specific user spaces SHOULD NOT be replicated EVER:
    • User spaces beginning with AI contain iSeries - specific information
    • User spaces beginning with SCS contain license information (which is only valid for one LPAR)
  3. the exception to replication is Warehouse Builder. It will probably copy the files OK.
    • However, you can't mess with the journals (and most MIMIX folks do mess with journals so MIMIX knows what files to copy).
    • There may be problems running Builder sets and definitions, because they store RDB information, which won't match on the target system.
    • It's better to use the ShowCase save and restore commands (SAVSRVRINF & RSTSRVRINF) in order to move Builder information.


Ref# 1475202





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