The program RBT655 deletes Robot Schedule job completion history. It does NOT delete job logs; it deletes job completion history within the Robot Schedule product. Deleting the job log has no effect on the job completion history within Robot Schedule.


RBT655 can be run automatically by turning on the automatic deletion of history on the General System Defaults panel.

Command Line:

CALL RBT655. It has an optional 13-byte parameter.

Byte 1 is the completion code type (see table below).

Bytes 2-7 are the beginning date.

Bytes 8-13 are the ending date.

Completion Code Description
Blank All codes
C Normal completion
E Error on set up
R Running
S Submitted to batch
T Abnormal termination
W Warning message
K Skipped
D Delayed
P Pending
U User job message

When called with no parameter, the job completion history is purged for all older entries that exceed the "Number of runs to retain for Job History" on the General System Defaults.

When called with a parameter, if byte 1 is a 'U', all user job history within the specified dates is purged.

A beginning and ending date of 000000 results in all like completion codes being deleted.

Note: The following example is using a Reserve Command Variable (RCV) that is defined to return a date that is from 7 days ago. An RCV may need to be modified or created to return the necessary dates. It will purge all user jobs up to 7 days ago.


When the program runs, it always looks at the number of runs to retain for job history parameter. The only runs of the job that count toward this number are those that end in C or T. So if a job ends frequently with a status other than C or T, it may seem like Robot Schedule is keeping too much history, but it isn't.

Robot Schedule recognizes that a job may run independently and as a member of a group. The independent runs are handled as explained in the previous paragraph. The group member runs are tracked based on the group's number of runs to retain.



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