• The QNTC file system does not support ownership of a file or directory. Attempts to use a command or API to change file or directory ownership of files in QNTC will fail. The system user QDFTOWN owns all the files and directories in the QNTC file system. QFileSvr.400, QOPT, and QLANsrv also do not support object ownership.
  • File attributes (such as the read-only, system, archive, and hidden flags) can't be changed on files in the IFS directly from OS/400. The easiest way to change these properties is from the PC side with OpsNav. (Navigate to the file in OpsNav and right-click it.) If you need to change properties from OS/400, you can use the OS/400 Set Attributes (Qp0lSetAttr) API.
  • Be careful about randomly moving objects from one file system to another. Each file system is unique, and you may lose file or directory attributes when you move an object across file systems. The safest way to return an object to a file system is to restore a saved version. Like QNTC, QFileSvr.400 does not support object ownership.
  • When objects are copied with the CPY command, the user who copies the object becomes the owner of the copied object. If the file system supports object ownership, moving objects with the MOV command preserves the original ownership.
  • The IFS is no longer documented in the Softcopy library or in the AS/400 Online Library. For documentation on the IFS, see the Information Center: http://www.as400.ibm.com/infocenter.
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