After upgrading from a version of Email Report Server/400 before 2.01 to a version between 2.01 and 2.32 (for example: from version 1.69 to version 2.32), you get the following error when running ERSMON001:
Message ID: RNQ0103 - The target for a numeric operation is too small to hold the result. RPG procedure ERSMON001 in program RJSERS/ERSMON001  at statement XXX (785, 805) performed an arithmetic operation which resulted in a value that was too large to fit in the target.


RJS Software added a data area named QUSRSPLA in Email Report Server/400 version 2.01 to handle the user defined options field information. This data area needs to be set to 1600. This is the default for new installs and for upgrades after version 2.32, but when you upgrade to a version before 2.32, the existing settings values are preserved.
  • Upgrade Email Report Server/400 to version 2.33 or above. Newer upgrades update QUSRSPLA correctly, and ERSMON001 no longer checks the user defined options offset information if a spool file is deleted while processing a list of spool files from a selected output queue.
  • Set the QUSRSPLA data area to 1600:


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