When using WinSpool/400 on an AS/400, how can users download reports with DBCS data or special characters?  
Some users who have double byte reports are getting a CPF3311 error:
Copy request failed for file WINOUTQ in QTEMP.


  1.  Determine the version of your WINSPOOL library use the following command: DSPDTAARA DTAARA(WINSPOOL/VERSION)
  2. If you are at version 3.25 or lower, download and install version 3.26 or higher. If you are at version 3.26 or higher, you do not need to reinstall the library.
  3. After installing the new WINSPOOL library, re-enter all the AS/400 access codes.
  4. Sign on to the AS/400 and add the WINSPOOL library to your library list using the following command:


  1. Run the following command to tell WinSpool/400 to create its work files with the IGCDTA parameter = *YES:


  1. Stop your FTP server using the following command:


  1. (Wait 15 seconds.) Restart your FTP server using the following command:

Note: Steps 6 and 7 make sure that all temporary files created in library QTEMP for the FTP server get cleared out and reset. Now when WinSpool/400 creates all temporary download files the product will set the IGCDTA parameter = *YES when creating physical files.

  1. If you have a different CCSID on your system other than 65535, run the following command to tell WinSpool/400 to use the selected CCSID value. From now on, all reports downloaded via WinSpool/400 or any of the RJS automated download products should use the selected CCSID value when downloading and converting reports. 
For example:
The above example uses CCSID 285 when converting report data. Use your local CCSID value. 
Note: If you don't know your systems CCSID value, run the following AS/400 command to display the setting:
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