If you are collecting a large amount of security data and not purging it regularly, then the @MS library will grow. You can take a number of steps to control this within the Security Audit and Detection menu:

Ensure you are printing only the reports you need; using “Control Daily Reports Requirements”.

  1. Change some of the reports, so that they print in ’summary’ format rather than ‘detail’.
  2. Decide which events you don’t need to see on the reports and omit them using the “Post Filter Screening” option.
  3. Reduce the amount of history kept online - review the System Maintenance screen for the number of days that DetectIT is retaining in history.
  4. Review the “Set Up Auditing Details” program. Additional “retain” parameters can be altered here to reduce the size of the security repository.

On request your DetectIT Technical Engineers can also provide interrogative tools to help further analyze the collected data.

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