Customer got the following error when running the Batch Report Server monitor to copy PCL reports into an IFS directory:
CPYERR: Errors occurred while copying report to IFS - 00009 occurred when running Batch Report Server output queue monitor


You should check the /RJSTEMP IFS directory to make sure that AS/400 security for *PUBLIC is set to *RWX.
Use the following steps to verify the security/change authority for directory /RJSTEMP
  1. From the AS/400 command line, run the following command:  WRKLNK OBJ('/RJSTEMP')
  2. When the "Work with Object Links" screen is shown, select option 9. (Work With Authority) and press Enter.
  3. The data authority for user *PUBLIC shoud be: *RWX. If not, change the authority to *RWX using option 2. (Change user authority).
  4. Also check authority for the IFS root directory /. Steps 1-3 should be repeated for the root directory if needed. *PUBLIC also needs authority to the root IFS directory. 
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