To use HTML to PDF Server:

  1. Go to Start > Programs > RJS HTML to PDF Server > HTML to PDF Server.
  2. Choose Table Entry > Edit File Directory List to enter the directories to monitor.
  3. Choose Input File Directory.

    Note: Only HTM and HTML files will be converted to PDF.

  4. Activate the entry. 
  5. Choose what happens to the HTML source files after they are processed:
    • Set Read only
    • Delete
    • Move
  6. In Table Entry/Edit Output Directory List, set the output directory informantion for the converted HTML files. 
  7. In Input File Directory, choose the input directory.
  8. In Output File Directory, choose the output directory.
  9. Choose whether to use Win2PDF or Acrobat PDF Writer Printer Driver.
  10. In Output File Prefix, type @FILE. This gives all PDF files the same prefix as the HTML source file.

    For example: TEST1.HTM becomes TEST1.PDF.

  11. Activate the entry.
  12. Click Start File Processing.

    HTML to PDF Server starts. By default, HTML to PDF Server monitors in the input file directory every 60 seconds.

    Note: To change the polling interval, go to File > Settings.

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