Any AS/400 program can be easily modified to place information into the User Defined data of a spool file as long as the customer has the report program source. The user defined data can then be processed by COLD systems or other processes for indexing purposes.   

  1. Create an AS/400 RPG or COBOL program that can manually open/close a spool file.
  2. Have the program call a CL program or call QCMDEXC to run an OVRPRTF command similar to the following prior to opening the spool file.
    • OVRPRTF FILE(QSYSPRT) USRDFNDTA('This is the user defined data') SECURE(*YES)
    • This command sets the user defined data in the spool file.
  3. When the OVRPRTF command completes, open the spool file and do the selected text or AFP/IPDS printing operations.
  4. Close the spool file and repeats steps 2-4 for each spool file that will be created.
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