If ACOM users will be capturing reports into the EZ Content Manager Software via the RJS RDX mechanism, the following needs to happen in Batch Report Server V1.43 or above. 
  1. Enable the RDX creation mechanism data area.
  2. The following information must be in the user defined data to create specific indexes in the RDX file that gets created. The index user defined data line format is:    
    ACOMINDEX:Doc Title;Index1;Index2;Index3;Index4;Index5;Index6;Index7;Index8;Index9;Index 10;Doc Type;
Listed below is a sample index line set in the user defined data field of a report via the OVRPRTF command. This sample simply sets the document title to Customer Invoice and also sets the invoice number to 123456 and name to Johnson Outboard. The Image Server document type will be AR:
ACOMINDEX:Customer Invoice;123456;Johnson Outboard; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;AR;
Note: Parameters are always delimited by a semicolon (;). Always leave at least one blank space between each semicolon delimiter if a parameter will not be used.
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