When you email reports with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server and have enabled Use Lotus Notes OLE Email, you get an error at tracepoint 1600 and the log looks something like this:
------ Download Pass Started 10/18/99 5:42:47 PM ------
INFO: Spool list retrieved from output queue: PRTSIST/QUSRSYS from AS/400
System: 10/18/99, 5:42:50 PM Trace Point:700
INFO: Spool File R76A0001 Job: (726931/AFAN2490/QPADEV0023/#7) download to PC
File C:\WSPESR32\REPORT.TMP was successful. 10/18/99, 5:42:53 PM Trace
INFO: Report file C:\WSPESR32\REPORT.TMP was converted to TXT Formatted file
C:\WSPESR32\REPORT.TXT 10/18/99, 5:42:53 PM Trace point: 1435
ERROR: An unmonitored error occurred while processing spool files. The next
message should describe the error. 10/18/99, 5:42:55 PM Trace Point:1600
ERROR: Unmonitored error 0  Trace point: 1600 10/18/99, 5:42:55 PM Trace
------ Download Pass Completed 10/18/99 5:42:55 PM ------


  1. If just enabled the Lotus Notes OLE API, close and restart WinSpool/400 Email Report Server.
  2. If you still get the error, get the Lotus Notes OLE API from RJS Software and reinstall it.
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