Before you upgrade Webdocs Windows, please contact Technical Support to discuss the following:

  • What version of Webdocs Windows you are upgrading from. Technical Support may need to help with very old versions.
  • Whether you have custom exit programs. If you don't know, Technical Support will need to look at your Webdocs Windows system to determine this and whether you need to take additional steps in the upgrade.
  • What kind of downtime you should expect.
  • How to back up the database and website prior to upgrading.
  • Whether you also need to upgrade products that use the web service (such as Imaging Scan Workstation, Webdocs Windows Batch Import and Webdocs Tray Capture) following the upgrade of Webdocs Windows.

We recommend that you upgrade Webdocs Windows at a time when Technical Support is available.

Download the Webdocs Windows upgrade package, and run it as Administrator on the IIS server where Webdocs Windows is installed.

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