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Use this cross-reference to identify how objects secured using the Robot Schedule green screen correspond to the Robot Schedule GUI.

If you secured this in the Robot Schedule green screen Description Robot Schedule GUI Task or Window Secured
Active Jobs GUI: Work with Active Jobs Work with Active Jobs
Audit Menu Audit Menu View Audit Log
Delete Audit Log
Audit Properties
Start Auditing
Stop Auditing
Audit 1 Setup Auditing Audit Properties
Audit 2 Start Auditing Start Auditing
Audit 3 End Auditing Stop Auditing
Audit 4 Display Audit Log View Audit Log
Audit 5 Delete Audit Log Clear Audit Log
AGEIFS AGEIFS command This does not secure anything in the GUI.
AGT CMD Sets GUI: Agent Command Set Maintenance Agent Command Maintenance
AGT Environm GUI: Agent Environment Maintenance Agent Environment Maintenance
AGT Events GUI: Agent Event Monitor Maintenance Agent Event Monitor Maintenance
AGT Properties GUI: Agent Properties Maintenance Agent Properties Security Settings
AGT Rtn Code GUI: Agent Return Code Maintenance Agent Return Code Maintenance
Blueprint GUI: Schedule Blueprint Create New Blueprints
View existing Blueprints
Submit Blueprint (to batch)
Command Sets GUI: Command Sets Shared Command Sets
CONTROL 1 Start ROBOT Start Robot Schedule
CONTROL 2 Stop ROBOT Stop Robot Schedule
CONTROL 3 Display ROBOT Subsystem This does not secure anything in the GUI.
CONTROL 4 Run Missed Jobs Run Missed Jobs
CONTROL 5 Job Completion History Job Completion History
CONTROL 6 Job History Reports Job History Reports
CONTROL 7 Clear Completion Codes Clear all Completion Codes
CONTROL 8 Group Completion History Group Completion History
Events Event Monitor Maintenance Event Monitor History
ENT Maintenance Robot Schedule Enterprise maintenance Work with the Enterprise Server
ENT RBEENDENT RBEENDENT command Start the Enterprise Server
ENT RBESTRENT RBESTRENT command End the Enterprise Server
EXPORT TO PC GUI: Export/Import object to/from PC XML Export
XML Import
(anywhere you can export or import an object)
FCTMNU 1 Forecast Objects Forecast Objects
FCTMNU 2 Schedules for Forecasting Schedules for Forecasting
FCTMNU 3 Delete Old Forecasts Delete Old Forecasts
FTP Server IM GUI: Server Identity Map Maintenance Server Identity Map Maintenance
GUI Connect GUI: Use Robot Schedule through the GUI Connect to a system via the GUI
Job Monitor Evt GUI: Job Monitor Events View Job Monitor Events
JOBHIST D Job Completion History: Delete Status Delete History records
JOBHIST E Job Completion History: End Job End running jobs
JSL 1 Job Schedule List: Initial Job Setup Add Job (anywhere you can add a job)
Rename a job
Job Properties (Initial Job Setup)
   LDA Entry
   Job Text
   Group Control Options
JSL 2 Job Schedule List: Advanced Scheduling Job Properties (Scheduling)
JSL 3 Job Schedule List: Command Entry Job Properties (Command Entry)
JSL 4 Job Schedule List: Output Options Job Properties (Output)
Report Distribution
Report Recipients
JSL 5 Job Schedule List: Job Control Options Job Properties (Control)
JSL 6 Job Schedule List: Group Control This does not secure anything in the GUI. Use JSL 1 to manage Group control security.
JSL 7 Job Schedule List: Reactive Job List Job Properties (Reactivity)
Prerequisite Job Status
JSL 8 Job Schedule List: LDA Record Entry LDA Entry
JSL 9 Job Schedule List: Report Distribution Report Distribution
JSL 10 Job Schedule List: Exception Scheduling Job Properties (Exception Scheduling)
JSL 11 Job Schedule List: Job Comp. History Job Completion History (anywhere you can display job completion history)
JSL 12 Job Schedule List: Report Recipients Report Recipient
JSL 13 Job Schedule List: Dependent REACT Jobs Dependent Reactive Jobs
JSL 14 Job Schedule List: Print Job Print Job
JSL 15 Job Schedule List: Job Monitors Job Properties (Job Monitors)
JSL 18 Job Schedule List: Group Members Job Properties (Group Members)
Group Members
JSL 19 Job Schedule List: Group Membership Group Membership
JSL 20 Job Schedule List: Group Comp. History Group Completion History
JSL 21 Job Schedule List: Job Text Job Text
JSL-A Add Job Schedule List: Add job and F6=Create Add Job (anywhere you can add a job)
JSL-A Copy Job Schedule List: Copy job Create a new job via Copy
JSL-A Delete Job Schedule List: Delete job Delete Job
JSL-B Job Schedule List: Blank Comp. Codes Blank Completion Code
JSL-CA Job Schedule List: Copy Application Copy Application
JSL-DO Job Schedule List: DO and DO Special Do Job Now override code
JSL-E Job Schedule List: Export a Job Export a job
JSL-EA Job Schedule List: Export Application Export an application
JSL-EG Job Schedule List: Export Group Export a group
JSL-H Job Schedule List: Hold Hold override code
JSL-HA Job Schedule List: Hold Application Hold Application override code
JSL-N Job Schedule List: NEXT Run Next Time override code
JSL-O Job Schedule List: Omit Omit Next Time override code
JSL-R Job Schedule List: Release Override Remove Override
JSL-RA Job Schedule List: Release Application Release Application override code
JSL-S Job Schedule List: Start Group Start now with this Member override code
Main Menu ROBOT Main Menu Default Explorer Tree
Main 1 Job Schedule List (JSL) Job Schedule List
Main 2 Scheduling Objects Menu (SCHOBJ) Explorer: Scheduling Objects
Main 3 Control Menu (CONTROL) Start Schedule
Stop Schedule
Run Missed Jobs
Clear Completion Codes
Main 4 System Setup Menu (SYSSETUP) Explorer: System Setup
Main 5 Report Menu (REPORT) Explorer: Reports
Main 6 Schedule Forecasting Menu (FCTMNU) Explorer: Schedule Forecasting
Net Host GUI Network Host: Schedule GUI Connection Connect to Host mode via the GUI
OPALOBJ 1 OPAL Objects: Maintain OPAL Objects OPAL Objects
OPALOBJ 2 OPAL Objects: Main OPAL Tables OPAL Tables
OPALOBJ 3 OPAL Objects: Maintain Data Area Defs Data Area Definitions
Product Master Network Host: Product Master Product Master data
Remote member Remote group member maintenance Add Remote Group Members
REPORT 1 Report: ROBOT schedule Reports Schedule Reports
REPORT 2 Report: Job Setup Reports Job Setup Reports
REPORT 3 Report: Distribution Reports Distribution Reports
REPORT 4 Report: Scheduling Object Reports Scheduling Object Reports
REPORT 5 Report: System Setup Reports System Setup Reports
REPORT 6 Report: Maintain ROBOT Queries This does not secure anything in the GUI. Use SCHOBJ 7 to secure query objects.
RUNAGTCMD RUNAGTCMD command Run Agent Commands
SAP Maintenance SAP Maintenance Panel SAP Maintenance Panel
SAP Set Up SAP Set Up Panel SAP Set Up
SAM GUI: Schedule Activity Monitor Schedule Activity Monitor
SCHOBJ 1 Scheduling Objects: Calendar Objects Calendar Objects
SCHOBJ 2 Scheduling Objects: Date Objects Date Objects
SCHOBJ 3 Scheduling Objects: Library List Objects Library List Objects
SCHOBJ 4 Scheduling Objects: Job Environment Objs Job Environment Objects
SCHOBJ 5 Scheduling Objects: Reserved Cmd Var Obj Reserved Command Variables
OPAL Tables
Data Area Definitions
SCHOBJ 7 Scheduling Objects: Maintain Queries Query Objects
SCHOBJ 8 Scheduling Objects: Update Jobs by Query Update Jobs with Query
Send To GUI: Send config info via Robot Network Host mode Send To wizard
Specific jobs Specific ROBOT Jobs & Generic Job Aut All job options and job history options
Spooled Files GUI: Work with Spooled Files Spooled Files
SQL Server IM GUI: SQL Server Identity Map Maintenance SQL Server Identity Map Maintenance
SYSSETUP 1 System Setup: General System Defaults General System Defaults
SYSSETUP 2 System Setup: Authorized Objects This does not secure anything in the GUI.
SYSSETUP 3 System Setup: Maintain Secured Objects Product Security Job Security


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