Listed below are instructions for setting up the Fax Report Server to use the RightFax faxing software. 

Initial Setup
  1. The RightFax directory must be in the search path on the PC. The directory name is usually: C:\program Files\rightfax
    • If using Windows 95/98/Me, the following  entry must be added to the autoexec.bat file: set path = C:\progra~1\rightfax
    • If using Windows NT/2000, the path can be set by right clicking on "My Computer". Then select "Properties/Advanced/Environment Variables".  Add the Rightfax directory to the "Path" system variable. The value should normally be: c:\program files\rightfax
  2. Make sure the RFWIN32.DLL file exists in the c:\program files\rightfax directory. The RFWIN32.DLL file is supplied by the makers of RightFax.
  3. On the Fax Report Server "File/Settings/RightFax tab", the following settings must be set correctly in order for RightFax to work correctly
    • Fax Server - The name of your RightFax server must be entered here. If using TCP/IP, the name must in your DNS or host table on the PC and be pingable. If using Netbios settings with RightFax, the Fax Server's Netbios name must be enterred here.
    • Fax User - A valid RightFax user ID must be entered here.
    • Fax Comm Protocol - Enter one of the folowing values for the COMM protocol:
      • 1 = Netbios Named Pipes
      • 2 = IPXOS2
      • 3 = SPX
      • 4 = TCP/IP
      • 5 = IPX

Potential Return Codes from the RJS RightFax API

  • -1 = The RFaxCreateServerHandle API call failed. This most likely means we could not connect to the RightFax Server for some reason. Potentially the user could be missing the RFWIN32.DLL file.
  • -2 = The RFaxGetUniqueFileName API call failed to get a unique work file name.
  • -3 = The RFaxInitFax API failed. This is the RightFax fax initiation API.
  • -4 = Unable to open selected cover letter PCL file.
  • -5 = RFaxFileWrite API called when writing PCL cover page file to RightFax.
  • -6 = RFaxFileWrite API called when writing PCL report file to RightFax.
  • -7 = RFaxSendCVL API failed when sending message text to cover letter.
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