With RPG2SQL, you get a -999 error.


Several things can cause this problem:
  • RPG2SQL is not licensed for the iSeries:
    1. Run a program that uses RPG2SQL.
    2. From an iSeries command line, use DSPJOBLOG to display the iSeries job log.
    3. Look for the following message in the job log:

      RJS2SQL product not licensed  -or- RPG2SQL product not licensed

    4. If this error displays, enter the access code from RJS Software or contact RJS Software for an access code. 
  • RPG2SQL is not running on the PC server as required. Use Telnet from an iSeries command line to see if RPG2SQL is running on a PC:
    1. From an iSeries command line, type the following command, where is the IP address for the PC server:

      TELNET RMTSYS('') PORT(22001)

    2. If Telnet connects to the RPG2SQL PC component, the following messages display:

      111 Connected to RPG2SQL Server
      100 SQL
      999 ERRNO SQL operation called
      199 EOF
      100 SQL
      999 ERRNO SQL operation called
      199 EOF  

    3. To exit the Telnet session from the CA/400 5250 emulator:
      1. Hold down the left Shift key and press Esc.
      2. When the line appears at the bottom of the screen, type 2 and press Enter
  • The IP address of the RPG2SQL PC Server has changed and you're connecting to the wrong PC IP address:
    1. From the PC, go to Start > Run.
    2. Type CMD and click OK.
    3. To display the current IP address for the PC, type IPCONFIG and press Enter.
    4. Check that this IP address is the IP address that the iSeries is using when running RPG2SQL programs.
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