The SMTP server is sending out error messages that there are bare line terminators or Nonstandard SMTP Line terminators in email messages. 


This happens when an email server does not accept the standard linefeed (LF) characters that Email Report Server/400 sends after each line of data when sending a message. This can also occur when an attachment is being changed into an EML file, which Windows tries to open as an email in Outlook.
To stop the message corruption, configure the Email Report Server/400 settings to send a CR/LF (Carriage Return/Linefeed) at the end of each message line.
In Email Report Server/400 version 1.39 or above, run the following command:
Note: If you ever need to reset the default Email Report Server/400 setting for Base64 conversion, which only sends a LF character after each message line, use:
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