Before You Begin

If you are planning on decommissioning a system that has a proprietary database, you can copy the data from that system and database for historic viewing into another system. 


  1. Shut down TeamQuest Manager on the originating system using the following command:
    manager/bin/tqmgr -shutdown
  2. Run the following command:
    tqdbx -d <dbname> -o
  3. Copy the \data\export\SYSTEM_<DBNAME>.dbx file to the new system.
  4. On the new system, create a database for the data using the following command:
    tqdbu -d historicFromOldSystem -i
  5. Load the data into a .dbx file using the following command:
    tqdbx -d historicFromOldSystem -i <path and filename to .dbx file>



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