Sometimes we may want data from a customer so we can help them analyze what they are seeing, or so we can try to reproduce an issue they are experiencing (this can be for support or services). We call this SOS (Second Opinion Services) data.


  1. To create an SOS file, go to File > SOS.
  2. Select your system(s) in section 1.

    The rest of the defaults are typically sufficient, unless you've been informed by your support analyst to change something.

  3. Click "3. Save To Disk"
  4. You will see SQL statements go by in the bottom half of the window. Once the SOS file is completed, you will see the file path of the SOS file. This is placed in your clipboard, so you can easily find the file by pasting into the Windows File Explorer.

V19 of Performance Navigator zips up the SOS file. This can then be emailed to [email protected]

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