If there are  two or more JDE  security libraries on a single i-Series, one might wonder how to point Showcase to the correct security tables.

Currently this is not exactly possible, but there is a workaround as described below:

The security library is pulled from the QJDF data area.  The QJDF data area is usually located in library JDFOBJ which is also the library where the initial program J98INIT or J98INITA is located.  

Option 1:

In ShowCase you would have to change the library from which you call your initial program.  The problem that it presents is that you would have to change that on your user profile on the iSeries each time you want to switch from one environment to the other one  (use the Historical or the Production database).  

Option 2:

Use two profiles, one for each environment (for example, one for the Historical database and one for the Production Database). Note: The SETJDEOWA is only used for JDE One World clients and not iSeries profiles


Ref#: 1480335





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