The WinSpool/400 software seems to be locked up during a report download. How can I monitor the AS/400 to see what's happening during the download process. 


  1. The first thing to do is understand the steps that WinSpool goes through when downloading a report. The steps are listed below:
    1. A report is first copied to a temporary work file named WINOUTQ in library QTEMP via the CPYSPLF command.
    2. The temporary file is then downloaded from the AS/400 via FTP.
  2. Now you can use the following steps to monitor a report download process from the AS/400.
    • Note: Because downloads usually go very quickly, you should only attempt these steps with a large report than takes more than a few minutes to download.
  3. Start the download process from the AS/400 using WinSpool/400 Report Download. This will begin the CPYSPLF process. Note: The byte count will not change until the actual file transfer starts.
  4. While the download is running, sign on to the AS/400 and run the following command to identify the active FTP background jobs on the AS/400: WRKACTJOB SBS(QSYSWRK) JOB(QTFTP*) You will see a screen that looks like the one below:
    Opt   Subsystem/Job  User        Type  CPU %  Function        Status
    _      QTFTP01286   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-WSPL016      SELW
    _      QTFTP01398   QTCP        BCH      .0  PGM-WSPL024C     DEQW
    _      QTFTP01434   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-CHGSPLFA     DEQW
    _      QTFTP05244   QTCP        BCH      .0  CMD-CHGSPLFA     DEQW
    _      QTFTP07411   QTCP        BCH      .0  PGM-WSPL024C     TIMW
  5. The job you are looking for should have a status of: SELW. Place a 5 in the (Opt)ion field to display the job information. The "Work with Job" screen will be shown. Use the following menu options from the "Work with Job" screen to see what the AS/400 is doing:
    1. Take option 10 and then press F10 to display the AS/400 job log. Look for any errors in the job log.
    2. Take option 14 and then press F11 to display open AS/400 files. If the CPYSPLF is working, you should be able to use the F5 (Refresh) key to watch the record count as the report file is copied.
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