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Starting in 2007, Daylight Saving Time (DST) was extended to start on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November.

The following is a description of the impact of this extension of Daylight Saving Time on the Robot automated operations products. This information applies whether you change the system time manually, or use the IBM system value QTIMZON to switch to and from daylight savings time automatically. If you change the QUTCOFFSET system value manually, these instructions also apply.

Robot Schedule is affected by the time change as it is very time sensitive. Robot Alert and Robot Network also can be affected. See the following instructions to review your setup.

Robot Schedule

For information on updating the system time automatically, see Using Robot Schedule with the QTIMZON System Value.

If you prefer to manually control the system time change, as well as the shutdown and startup of Robot Schedule, see Using Robot Schedule to Automate Daylight Saving Time Change.

Robot Alert

Robot Alert has a time zone offset value under System Setup/System Defaults that you should review to see if it needs to be changed. You can change this offset value to default to the QUTCOFFSET value.

Robot Network

You must end and restart Robot Network on the hosts and nodes to ensure it recognizes the new time zone offset. Robot Network places the QUTCOFFSET system value in the NETNODE and NETHOST job logs at startup, and does not update it again.

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