In the Batch Report Server Settings screen, enable the Generate Joblog after TCP/IP Pass setting. 
The next time the Batch Report Server does a download pass, a job log will be created on the AS/400 for the user that is entered in the AS/400 system list. The user data field for the job log will start with QTFTP.
To find the job log report on the AS/400 after it has been created, sign on to the AS/400 and do the following:
  1. Run the WRKSPLF command for the same user ID that is entered in the Batch Report Server Edit System List
  2. Look for the job log for the Batch Report Server with spool-file name QPJOBLOG and user data beginning with QTFTP.
For example:
                    Work with All Spooled Files                           
Type options, press Enter.                                                     
1=Send   2=Change   3=Hold   4=Delete   5=Display   6=Release   7=Messages   
8=Attributes        9=Work with printing status                              
                        Device or                     Total     Cur       
Opt  File        User        Queue       User Data   Sts   Pages    Page  Copy 
QPJOBLOG    RJS         QEZJOBLOG   QTFTP00311  RDY       1             1 
QPJOBLOG    RJS         QEZJOBLOG   QTFTP00307  RDY       1             1 
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