Many customers have asked for an administrative function that will drop users connections after a set period of time of inactivity. This ensures that concurrent ports are not tied up if people are not using query. This functionality has been added to the Showcase Client software for Query, and Report Writer starting in version 9.0

Steps to setup Timeout feature for Showcase Query & Report Writer:

NOTE: That there is a single setting per user or group for both Query and Report Writer for this new feature.

  1. Open Warehouse Manager Client and log in.
  2. From Menu bar choose Tools -> Fast Path to Resource -> Query/Report Writer Settings
  3. Select data-source and press Next.
  4. Select Query or Report Writer and press Finish
  5. Choose the user or group, the right-click and choose Edit.
  6. Then under the General tab, go to the Timeout Settings at bottom.
  7. Select either Default (Infinite) or Timeout and specify the number of minutes.
  8. Then select OK.

Then make sure you update the sever for the changes to take affect by selecting on menu bar the server with yellow arrow.


Ref#: 1475563 

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