Intermapper Remote Access can be helpful in various types of situations. Maybe you’re a network person who works from home, and you want to monitor network activity after normal business hours. Or maybe you have a distributed network and need to monitor IT infrastructure in several physical locations or provide managed services and don’t want to drive across town to troubleshoot client issues.    

To fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements, we offer two licensing models for Intermapper Remote Access: Pooled and Individual.

Pooled licenses provide shared access. In this model, a group of users can connect to one or multiple Intermapper servers licensed with a Pooled license from any Remote Access computer at the same time or separately. At the server level, the administrator creates user profiles for each person who needs remote access, and each pooled user logs in using their username and password.

Users have additional flexibility with this model because your “Pool” of licenses can be used on any of the recommended Remote Access OS, so you can switch between your office and home computer easily. Depending on how many pool seats you purchase in your license, you always have one or more seats that can access Intermapper remotely.  If there is a pool seat available, you can access Intermapper with Remote Access.  If all the pooled seats are being used by other people, you would not be able to access Intermapper until there is a pool seat available.   The Pooled license is entered in on the Intermapper Server, so the licensing is controlled on the server side.   

Scenarios in which pooled licenses are the best option include:

  • You have multiple people on your network team who want remote access.
  • A whole network team is located off-site.
  • Team members who need remote access commonly switch between devices and having a fluid “pool” of licenses to access the Intermapper server would be helpful.
  • Eliminates the process of renewing and assigning Individual licenses.

By contrast, Individual licenses allow you to connect to one or multiple Intermapper servers from one remote client (for example, a workstation or laptop). The software is installed on a specific remote client. Because the software is locked down on that specific hardware, it can only be used from that client.

Single users and small installations of Intermapper use this model most frequently. Possible scenarios in which individual licenses would be the best option include:

  • You’re the only IT/network person at your company.
  • You want remote access from your laptop or home computer in addition to your office computer.
  • You want to manage multiple servers that aren’t using a Pooled license from one machine or location.
  • You have a small network, and a couple key users want remote access from specific machines or locations.
  • You have a Pooled license but would like a guaranteed connection to Intermapper in case all the pooled seats are being used by other people. Then you could have a combination of individual and pooled licenses for Remote Access.

Depending on your needs, individual and pooled licenses may be combined as needed.

Not sure whether you need individual or pooled licenses? Our team can help you determine what’s best for your specific use case. Contact us at [email protected].

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