3 August 2012

  1. Recompiled with new version number to stay synced with installer. The installer had the WIClipboard.exe added to it.


14 March 2011

  1. Added ability to trigger macros after text selection if enabled or to be able to trigger text selection when a toolbar button is clicked before running macro so user has a chance to select text rectangle or window.


2 August 2010

  1. Recompiled to run on Windows 7 64-bit.


19 August 2009

  1. Fixed problem with the docking, if it was floating and you changed the setting to dock to a side and then you dragged it back to floating again, it would become unresponsive.

  2. Added code to save the last floating screen location when the application is closed so it will start up to the last screen location if the docking setting is set to float.

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