Enabling Automatic Font Scaling based on Page LPI/CPI

To set up Email Report Server/400 to automatically scale fonts to fit the page based on Page Length, Page Width, LPI, and CPI, use:
  • To use this setting, you must have Email Report Server/400 version 1.56 or above.
  • Once you change this setting, all reports sent with the Email Report Server/400 use automatic page scaling. Since this option uses true page scaling, you may need to change Page Length, Page Width, LPI or CPI values for the AS/400 print file for the PDF files to scale correctly without cutting off data on the right side of the page. Make sure to test all reports that are currently being emailed.

Enabling Automatic Computer Output Reduction Scaling

You can set the PAGESCALE setting to computer output reduction (*COR) to scale PDFs automatically based on the number of lines per page and the determined maximum number of characters across the page. Use this method instead of the *AUTO option so that no print file changes are necessary.
Note: To use this setting, you must have Email Report Server/400 version 1.86 or above.
To enable automatic page scaling, use:

Disabling Automatic Page Scaling

To disable automatic  page scaling, use:
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