The simple answer is yes. When using Sequel Data Warehouse CDC and ETL components together, you can achieve (near) real-time load of your data warehouse.

However, in many cases this may not be sensible to do. The limitations on real-time load are usually associated with the data itself and your business requirements, rather than the technology. When performing ETL you are often joining multiple tables, and performing validations and transformations that are dependent on data in secondary tables. Sometimes that secondary data is not yet available or in a usable form at the time of the transaction. Validation may fail or calculations may be incorrect as a result.

Also, developing real-time ETL is usually more complex and time consuming than traditional batch ETL (usually at end of day). Error handling is more of a challenge and there will be other considerations too.

Use real-time load when it makes sense to do so based on the user expectations and requirements. Expect that in some cases, the traditional batch ETL is the best approach

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