After you have created the definition and assigned it to a set, follow these steps:


  1. Click Set > Work with Warehouse Builder Sets.
  2. Select the set in question within the Warehouse Builder Sets Box and click Edit.
  3. Click the Schedule tab.
  4. Confirm that the desired set is in the Set Name window.
  5. Specify when you would like to schedule the job.

    Options include Specific Date, Weekly, Monthly.

  6. Fill in the required information from within the Details box using the syntax provided as an example.
  7. To confirm that the job is scheduled use the WRKJOBSCDE command on the System i.


  • Ensure that the user is connecting to the control box to view the scheduled jobs.
  • You DO NOT have to click RUN after scheduling the job; once scheduled, it will run at the scheduled time.

    If you DO Click RUN an interactive Warehouse Builder job starts and runs immediately. The scheduled job will also run when the time is reached.

  • Changes should not be made to the Job Schedule Entry manually with WRKJOBSCDE.

    The changes will work, but if the Set is ever changed through the Warehouse Builder interface, the original settings will be restored. It is strongly recommended to change schedule/job information through the interface.

  • It is not necessary for the Showcase server to be active for scheduled definitions/sets to run. All processing and authorization takes place on the iSeries.

    If the definition/set has essbase plans, it is necessary for the essbase server to active. Showcase server is required to be active if you are making any changes to existing definitions/sets as all that information is stored on the server. For more information about scheduling jobs, refer to ShowCase online help (search words: SCHEDULE or SCHEDULIN

IBM Ref#: 1475692

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