The Update ROBOT in Batch (RBTBCHUPD) command has been enhanced in Robot Schedule R09M34 to provide greater security. This includes the following changes.

Note: The following user profiles cannot be specified on the RBTBCHUPD command: QSECOFR, RBTADMIN, RBTUSER.

  • The user running the RBTBCHUPD command must have authority to the user profile specified on the command.

  • If the user is not authorized to the user profile specified on the command, the program or job running the command will end and a message will be placed in the job log.

You should check your Robot Schedule jobs, CL programs, and other Robot products that run the RBTBCHUPD command. If a user profile is specified, you can do one of the following:

  • Change the command to specify a user profile to which you have authority

  • Run the job under a user profile that has the proper authority


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