To use WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server:
Prerequisite: WinSpool/400 Email Report Server version 3.0.50 or above.
  1. In WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, go to File > Settings > Reform.
  2. Enable the following:
    • Enable Reform Report Conversion
    • Enable Amyuni PDF Writer Support
  3. Make sure all forms created with the Form Designer are set to print to the PDF Compatible Printer Driver.

    Note: If you don't have this printer driver, install either:

  4. For the output type for an email recipient, choose FRM.

    Now when WinSpool/400 Email Report Server downloads a document, it associates the document with a form based on the spool file name. The document and form are merged into a PDF, and the PDF is emailed to the recipient.

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