Before You Begin

You cannot upgrade TeamQuest Manager (versions 11.3.10 and higher) using TeamQuest Update Server manually as a non-root user when one of the following conditions apply: 

  • Manager is running on a systemd systems (OS such as RHEL7, Ubuntu 15 and CentOS 7).
  • Autorestart is configured.

Non-root user privileges cannot be elevated to run the necessary commands to complete the upgrade process.


To work around this, you can manually upgrade TeamQuest Manager to start as the root user.

  1. Upgrade TeamQuest Manager.
    Now you can start TeamQuest Manager as the non-root user and reconfigure the Autorestart script to run as the non-root user.
  2. Shutdown TeamQuest Manager.
  3. Run the following commands:
    manager/etc/setup autorestart remove
    manager/etc/setup autorestart install username

    where username is the non-root user that exists on the system and with a valid shell.
  4. Restart TeamQuest Manager.
  5. Verify that all TeamQuest Manager processes are configured to run as the non-root username using the following command:
    ps -ef|grep manager


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