In the WinSpool 98 Settings screen, enable the Generate Joblog after TCP/IP Pass setting. 
The next time the WinSpool 98 does a download pass, a job log will be created on the AS/400 for the user that is entered in the AS/400 system list. The user data field for the job log will start with QTFTP.
To find the job log report on the AS/400 after it's been created, sign on to the AS/400 and do the following:
  1. Run the WRKSPLF command for the same user ID that is entered in the WinSpool 98 software.
  2. Look for the job log for the WinSpool 98 software with spool-file name QPJOBLOG and user data beginning with QTFTP.
For example:
                    Work with All Spooled Files                           
Type options, press Enter.                                                     
1=Send   2=Change   3=Hold   4=Delete   5=Display   6=Release   7=Messages   
8=Attributes        9=Work with printing status                              
                        Device or                     Total     Cur       
Opt  File        User        Queue       User Data   Sts   Pages    Page  Copy 
QPJOBLOG    RJS         QEZJOBLOG   QTFTP00311  RDY       1             1 
QPJOBLOG    RJS         QEZJOBLOG   QTFTP00307  RDY       1             1 


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