With a Winspool product, you get the error:
Unmonitored Error 13, type mismatch, at trace point 500/509


This error occurs when you use Specific Criteria Select and one of the following numeric values is blank in the Email Recipient List:
  • Number of Lines to Check
  • Starting Search Column
  • Ending Search Column
Make sure that each of these fields has a valid numeric value. 
Note: Even if you are not using the Specific Criteria Select option, you could still receive an error if one of these fields is set incorrectly.
If all the fields above have a valid numeric value, it is possible, albeit unlikely, that the MDB file is corrupt:
  1. Disable the entry which is failing. If you receive no information on what output queue or spool file is failing, disable the first entry.
  2. Recreate the entry by hand (without using copy and paste).
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