Changing the spool file USER ID attribute in the Report Distribution table. Whose USER ID is put in the user entry screen and how does this work when jobs are automatically started at IPL time
In order to be able to assign a new User ID to a spool file with the AS/400 Report Splitter, the following must be done:
A valid entry has to be created in the "Report Splitter User Entry" table (GO RPTMNU2, Option 3)  for each AS/400 user ID that will be assigned using the new User ID field in the "Report Splitter Distribution Entry" screen (GO RPTMNU2, Option 1). Both the AS/400 user ID and password must be entered for each AS/400 user. If an AS/400 user's password changes, it also has to be updated using the "Report Splitter User Entry" program.
If a new user ID is not assigned to a spool file using the report splitter, all reports processed with the report splitter will be assigned the user ID of the person running the AS/400 Report Splitter process. 
None of the settings for the AS/400 Report Splitter process should be adversely affected by running them at IPL time.
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